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A Colorado worker has the right to file a wage and hour claim

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2014 | Wage & Hour Law

Anyone who takes a job expects to be clearly told what the compensation will be. If there is any deviation from what a worker is told he or she will earn, or could potentially earn, through overtime or bonuses and what that worker actually ends up getting paid, there may be grounds for a wage and hour claim. Any Colorado worker concerned with how his or her pay is being handled may want to learn more about how a wage and hour claim works.

Sometimes workers are asked to work hours beyond what are considered the normal hours for their jobs. This is acceptable, as long as the hours still fit into the position’s legal parameters and the compensation matches what is expected for extra work. Unfortunately, some workers do not know the state’s labor laws and are being asked, or compelled, to work more hours than the law allows.

Another common issue is misclassification. If a job is misclassified as a salary position, a worker may inadvertently miss out on overtime pay. Also, misclassification can lead to a worker not getting the benefits or bonuses that he or she deserves. Employee classification is complex and, as a result, it may be difficult for a worker to know whether he or she is classified correctly without speaking to an employment law professional.

When a wage and hour claim is filed, negotiations can sometimes resolve the issue and ensure fairness for a Colorado worker. However, in some scenarios, extensive legal help may be required to resolve an employee’s issues in a legal and fair way. For more information on filing a wage and hour claim and to learn what you may be able to do to ensure fair compensation for a job, you can visit our website.