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Know the specifics of employment discrimination in Colorado

Many people work in environments or with co-workers and bosses with whom they simply do not feel comfortable or appreciated. But, working in an environment where legal discrimination is at play is a completely different situation than not being liked in the work place. When employment discrimination is a reason for certain treatment or actions in a Colorado company or business, the employee who believes he or she has been discriminated against must know the specifics of what can be done and what constitutes illegal discrimination.

News reporter files suit alleging age discrimination

Termination from a job can occur for any number of reasons and have a lasting effect on a person of any age; however, when that termination is unfair or against the law, an individual can and should take some kind of action. One option for Colorado employees may be to pursue civil suits against employers. In fact, a news reporter has recently filed suit against his news station alleging age discrimination.

Barber goes blind and claims wrongful termination

There are very clear and precise laws surrounding reasons a person may be fired from a position. Colorado employees who develop a health condition or disability have certain rights and protections under those laws. If violated, and an employee feels she or he has been the victim of wrongful termination, that former employee may seek help through a variety of means and may be entitled to a settlement that can include back wages.

Millions awarded in employment discrimination suit

Benefits, job titles and evaluations all play important roles in state or city jobs. When a worker feels that employment discrimination in a Colorado city or state office has affected his or her benefits or resulted in unfair evaluations, that worker may be able to pursue legal support to rectify the situation. One city worker in another state has just recently been awarded millions after facing employment discrimination as an employee of that city's treasury.

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