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Barber goes blind and claims wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

There are very clear and precise laws surrounding reasons a person may be fired from a position. Colorado employees who develop a health condition or disability have certain rights and protections under those laws. If violated, and an employee feels she or he has been the victim of wrongful termination, that former employee may seek help through a variety of means and may be entitled to a settlement that can include back wages.

One man has recently made headlines as he has garnered attention for being a blind barber. He was declared legally blind and worked in a barber shop until 2012. The man tripped over an item and a customer and was subsequently fired by his boss at the barber shop.

After his termination, the 29-year-old says he struggled to find new employment and had to rely on charity and state support. A state commission against discrimination felt the situation was wrongful termination and awarded the barber $100,000. $75,000 was for lost wages and the rest was for emotional distress. The barber shop involved in the situation says the man was not qualified, hence his termination.

When wrongful termination occurs, there may be a ripple effect across the person’s life and that person, as with this barber, may have a difficult time recovering and finding employment again. This is why some wrongful termination situations in Colorado may warrant not only lost wages and benefits, but also emotional distress or other compensation related to the psychological impact of the termination. Anyone who feels he or she is the victim of wrongful termination may want to learn more about the types of settlements and the various types of damages that may be awarded.

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