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Principal says race discrimination at heart of firing

Jobs in school districts can encompass all sorts of interactions and responsibilities. The job of principal in a Colorado school or any other school can mean overseeing the actions of many. While the school board in one case is saying that a lack of proper oversight of others is the reason a principal was fired, the principal says she was let go because of race discrimination.

Understanding the facts about wrongful termination

Being treated poorly by an employer does not necessarily mean you are discriminated against, any more than being fired is necessarily an act of retaliation. Both retaliation and wrongful termination are legal terms and a case must first fit the legal definition before an employee or former employee can expect any kind of legal action to be warranted, much less successful. Colorado employees and former employees may want to be familiar with the legal parameters of retaliation and wrongful termination before deciding whether or not to pursue action.

Important to understand severance agreements in Colorado

If a position or offer to work for a specific company entails reviewing and agreeing to a severance agreement, a potential employee should understand what all that entails. The same proves true for employers because severance agreements are legal documents that require forethought and legal protections for the employer and employee. Colorado workers and employers both should rely on legal counsel to advise and review any legal documents, especially when it pertains to severance agreements.

Officer files federal suit for race discrimination

As with most lines of work, police departments have different levels of hierarchy and positions to which officers may seek promotion during their careers. When a police officer in Colorado or elsewhere feels the workplace is inconducive to advancement or run in a manner that prohibits a fair shot at promotion, there may be underlying reasons at play, including discrimination. Recently, a police officer filed a federal lawsuit claiming race discrimination by the department for which he worked.

Wage and hour claim issues can be costing you

Everyone wants and deserves to be fairly compensated for a job well done. Although there are very clear and strict guidelines and regulations related to fair compensation, some employees in Colorado may still find themselves involved in a wage and hour claim. For those who are misclassified or being mistreated pay-wise, filing a wage and hour claim may be the only way they can ensure fairness in receiving the compensation they deserve.

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