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Officer files federal suit for race discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

As with most lines of work, police departments have different levels of hierarchy and positions to which officers may seek promotion during their careers. When a police officer in Colorado or elsewhere feels the workplace is inconducive to advancement or run in a manner that prohibits a fair shot at promotion, there may be underlying reasons at play, including discrimination. Recently, a police officer filed a federal lawsuit claiming race discrimination by the department for which he worked.

The officer who filed the suit says he has suffered retaliation and was denied a promotion. He points out that an African-American has not been promoted since 1988. He also points out the fact that an African-American has not been hired since 1995, and he feels this relates to a culture of race discrimination in the police force.

The leaders who are in the police force have stated they believe the allegations are false. One police sergeant has said the applications for the police force do not ask or require a person to disclose his or her race. A judge will now decide if the case will go to trial.

Race discrimination cases can be complex and difficult to pursue. However, if a Colorado employee or former employee feels discrimination of any form has impeded the ability to work for a company or entity or the ability to be promoted within that company or entity, a lawsuit may be a viable option. A successful race discrimination suit can lead to the awarding of damages, back pay and benefits, or possibly reinstatement of a position.

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