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Wage and hour claim issues can be costing you

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2015 | Wage & Hour Law

Everyone wants and deserves to be fairly compensated for a job well done. Although there are very clear and strict guidelines and regulations related to fair compensation, some employees in Colorado may still find themselves involved in a wage and hour claim. For those who are misclassified or being mistreated pay-wise, filing a wage and hour claim may be the only way they can ensure fairness in receiving the compensation they deserve.

One source of wage and hour claims that is more common than some may realize is the misclassification of a job. This means being classified as a salaried position when a certain job should be classified as an hourly position. Misclassification can mean lost overtime time. It can also lead to missed vacation time, missed bonuses and other losses.

Another wage and hour issues that may warrant legal action can involve the demands made on workers. Some workers may find they are asked to work more hours than legally allowed. Also, sub-par work conditions and lack of correct pay for hours worked can all lead to strife and leave a hard-working individual feeling powerless and confused as to what steps to take to rectify the situation.

Not all wage and hour claim disputes are cut and dry. A wage and hour claim dispute against a Colorado employer may require an investigation, documentation and other pieces of evidence to present and ensure a fair and just outcome of any case. Our website has more valuable information about wage and hour claim issues and what legal steps may be appropriate.