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Important to understand severance agreements in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | Employment Contracts

If a position or offer to work for a specific company entails reviewing and agreeing to a severance agreement, a potential employee should understand what all that entails. The same proves true for employers because severance agreements are legal documents that require forethought and legal protections for the employer and employee. Colorado workers and employers both should rely on legal counsel to advise and review any legal documents, especially when it pertains to severance agreements.

One issue that can make legal assistance imperative is the use of a waiver clause. Both sides should be clear about what it means. Essentially, if an agreement has a waiver clause, this means you are signing away the right to have the document reviewed further or revised later. This can mean you, as an employee, have no rights to bring a legal claim against an employer.

There are other issues to consider when a severance agreement is on the table. One is enforceability. The necessary or acceptable steps as to what action to take when someone has violated the agreement must also be decided. Anticipation of any problems or possible discontent should be discussed or outlined.

Severance agreements are extremely specific, and those specifics can be confusing and overwhelming. Both parties need and want full protection so as to ensure a working relationship that is based on mutual understanding. Whether you are an employee or employer in Colorado, it is advised that a legal professional provide advice and guidance to head off any issues before they arise regarding severance agreements. Our website has more information about severance agreements in general and how legal support may be beneficial for both parties.