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Fire department settles race discrimination suit

Whenever someone decides to become a firefighter, there is a great deal of testing and training that takes place. It was recently discovered that one major metropolitan fire department used practices that were found to promote race discrimination. Anyone in Colorado who feels the hiring process is unfair due to discrimination may be interested in the case.

Man awarded $500,000 in wrongful termination suit

Certain health conditions and diseases can impact a person's ability to work or continue to perform the same duties. For one man, his HIV status affected the time he could work. He contends that he was the victim of a wrongful termination when he lost his job after his disease became an issue. Anyone with medical issues in Colorado and in fear of losing their job because of it may want to know how the case came about.

Man successfully proves employment discrimination

There are incidents where workplace discrimination may be subtle or it may be more overt. It can be difficult to prove employment discrimination, but one man recently won a case and was awarded a $1.2 million judgment. Colorado employees who feel they face some level of discrimination on-the-job may be interested in the details of this case. The man who won his case based upon proof that he was discriminated against for his race and religion amid claims that he was treated differently for having a long beard.

Settlement reached in county employment disputes

Many counties across the country employ sheriffs and other emergency personnel to work for the protection of the general population. Yet, there may be times when employment disputes erupt over wages or benefits, and those very employees paid to protect and serve need protection of their own. Any Colorado government or town worker who is paid by a local government agency may want to learn about recent wage and employment disputes that have been resolved.

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