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Settlement reached in county employment disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Employment Disputes

Many counties across the country employ sheriffs and other emergency personnel to work for the protection of the general population. Yet, there may be times when employment disputes erupt over wages or benefits, and those very employees paid to protect and serve need protection of their own. Any Colorado government or town worker who is paid by a local government agency may want to learn about recent wage and employment disputes that have been resolved.

The case started in 2011 and has just concluded. The sheriff’s office has been ordered to pay $43,000 to three different employees. However, a previous finding by the Labor Department put the amount owed at twice that amount. The difference in the amounts related to recalculating the number of hours in the work week and a reduction of overtime.

The dispute stems, in part, from discrepancies in holiday and overtime pay. Some reports and denials involve authorities who may have said overtime pay isn’t part of the job for deputies. There was also a contention over radio logs documenting time on the scene as compared to actual time spent on a scene.

When employers and employees disagree about the number of hours worked, or if those hours are overtime or allowable, there may be employment disputes over wages and pay. Anytime these discrepancies or disputes erupt, it may take legal intervention to set the record straight and help either party prepare themselves for a legal outcome. In Colorado, if an employee feels they are being docked pay or denied overtime, there are legal actions that could help them claim back pay and prevent any further discrepancies.

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