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Wage and hour claim info may interest Colorado workers

Colorado residents may be interested in an employment case taking place in another state involving unpaid wages. The wage and hour claim involves eight car wash workers who were owed approximately $262,000 from their former employer due to wage violations and fines. The car wash is apparently now out of business, and unfortunately for the workers, their former employer recently filed for bankruptcy.

Minimum wage law violations may affect Colorado workers

Though many Colorado workers trust their employers to properly compensate them for their services, there are instances in which violations could occur. Employers may violate minimum wage law by taking certain actions and illegally reducing workers' pay. As a result, these employees could be negatively affected, and there may be cause to take legal action in order to gain that compensation.

Employment discrimination may negatively affect Colorado workers

Being discriminated against may have various negative effects in any situation. If Colorado residents or other individuals have faced employment discrimination, they may miss out on opportunities or even lose the jobs they already have. Unfortunately, such situations have been known to occur, and if individuals feel as if they have been the victims of such discrimination, they may wish to determine whether taking legal action could be right for them.

Colorado workers may fear employer retaliation

Many Colorado workers likely want their places of employment to be the best that they can and operate in the most efficient and safe manner possible. However, there are instances in which employers may not always take the proper steps to ensure that companies comply with certain standards. If an employee feels that there are unnecessary risks, he or she may wish to speak up. Unfortunately, instances of employer retaliation could result.

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