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What is age discrimination in the workplace?

There are many types of discrimination in the workplace, but fortunately, there are also laws protecting workers from being the victim of certain forms of discrimination. One type of discrimination that is against the law is age discrimination. However, it can be helpful for older Colorado employees to understand that being fired or let go while one is a certain age does not necessarily mean that the employee has been the victim of age discrimination. There are very clear criteria that must be met to prove age discrimination.

Woman sues Microsoft for age and race discrimination

When someone feels discriminated against in the workplace, they may have a difficult time proving there is discrimination or knowing what exactly should be done about it. It may even be difficult to pinpoint the exact nature or type of discrimination. Anyone in Colorado who feels they have been a victim of discrimination may want to follow the story of a woman who is suing Microsoft for both age and race discrimination.

Educator sues for wrongful termination after phone breached

The use of cell phones and the information contained on those phones have posed new problems in schools and other workplaces. The issue of privacy and proper procedures to report privacy violations has come into play at a number of Colorado workplaces. One case involving cell phone privacy that is garnering attention centers around a teacher having pictures on her cell and her alleged wrongful termination related to those pictures being made public.

High-end club faces race and disability discrimination suit

Regardless of whether a place is a local out-of-the-way diner or a high-end exclusive club, there are strict and clear guidelines for how workers are to be treated in any food service environment. Recent allegations against an exclusive high-end club have centered on the management’s treatment of certain people who cooked and served food for them. Anyone in Colorado who works in food service and feels they may have suffered some form of race or disability discrimination may be interested in this case.

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