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Educator sues for wrongful termination after phone breached

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

The use of cell phones and the information contained on those phones have posed new problems in schools and other workplaces. The issue of privacy and proper procedures to report privacy violations has come into play at a number of Colorado workplaces. One case involving cell phone privacy that is garnering attention centers around a teacher having pictures on her cell and her alleged wrongful termination related to those pictures being made public.

The case started when a teacher allowed students use her phone to call home if needed. She reportedly gave the students her password to enter the phone. According to the teacher, students hacked the phone without her knowledge and found nude pictures of the teacher on it. The students then took pictures of the pictures and posted them for others to see online.

A student went to the teacher at a subsequent time and reported what had been done regarding the nude photos. The 34-year-old teacher was fired by the school. She claims it was because of the pictures being leaked, although the school says she was fired because of not reporting the incident immediately and taking action on her own to find out who did it.

Cases of phone privacy can be tricky as rules and regulations about phone use in the work place may be evolving still. When it comes to wrongful termination, rules and regulations may play a major role in how a case plays out. Any teacher in Colorado who feels they have been wrongfully terminated due to privacy issues — whether with regard to a personal phone or otherwise — may benefit from gaining an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under state and federal laws.

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