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Woman sues Microsoft for age and race discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

When someone feels discriminated against in the workplace, they may have a difficult time proving there is discrimination or knowing what exactly should be done about it. It may even be difficult to pinpoint the exact nature or type of discrimination. Anyone in Colorado who feels they have been a victim of discrimination may want to follow the story of a woman who is suing Microsoft for both age and race discrimination.

The 53-year-old joined Microsoft in 1996 and took a job with one part of the company in 2010. She states that her workplace was filled with men who were mostly East Indian in heritage. The atmosphere, according to her, was not a supportive one for women.

She says she was mistreated and ignored in meetings. The woman recounted one alleged incident where she says that her boss stood very closely over her and made her repeat that she will do as he says. She claims that she went to supervisors, including the Microsoft human resources department. She took a leave from the company and alleges that the treatment caused her panic attacks, along with other health issues.

In this particular case, the woman is seeking more than her lost salary and bonus. She also wants the court to conduct an audit of the company’s human resources department. In an age and race discrimination suit, any kind of documentation or reports related to human resources complaints may help support a case. Anyone in Colorado who believes a suit may help them obtain justice or right a wrong in the workplace may benefit by keeping track of any documentation, complaints or accounts of the alleged discrimination.

Source: The Seattle Times, “Microsoft employee files discrimination lawsuit“, Janet I. Tu, Aug. 4, 2014