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Salon worker claims wrongful termination over bikini wax

Working in a salon often requires the mastering of certain techniques by trying them on others, such as friends and co-workers. For one esthetician, a request to practice certain services on co-workers, and then have those services practiced on her was too much for her to bear. Anyone In Colorado who works in the beauty industry may want to follow this case as the former salon worker has filed a wrongful termination suit.

Historic hotel faces wrongful termination suit by manager

There are certain regulations and even training conducted at most work places to distinguish what is appropriate and what is not. However, even though most work places provide training and have very few, if any, incidents related to sexual harassment and wrongful termination, there are still cases that generate debate and pit employers against employees in this country. Any Colorado managers, business owners and employees may want to follow a recent suit pertaining to wrongful termination.

Language issues spark employment discrimination case

Any time there are cultural differences among workers; there may be misunderstandings or hurt feelings that develop. However, when someone is fired or employees feel unfairly targeted, an employment discrimination claim may arise. Any Colorado employers or employees who work in a bi-lingual or multi-cultural work environment may want to follow the recent case of a winery worker who is suing her employer.

Supreme Court rules on employment discrimination

Supreme Court decisions may be very close and yet they typically have a far reaching impact on people all across the country including Colorado. A recent 5-4 ruling is set to impact a large number of employers and employees. The case and ruling pertain to employment discrimination.

Colorado company has issues with contracts with county offices

Anytime a government entity needs to outsource work, such as computer programming or other technical capabilities, it is typically applauded if they turn to a local company to handle the job. But, there may be instances where even a local company does not live up to the agreed contracts or obligations agreed upon by the parties involved. Larimer Colorado county officials have taken a contract dispute to court over the belief that the company did not live up to their promises and also did not live up to an agreed upon settlement they owed the county.

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