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Historic hotel faces wrongful termination suit by manager

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2013 | Wrongful Termination

There are certain regulations and even training conducted at most work places to distinguish what is appropriate and what is not. However, even though most work places provide training and have very few, if any, incidents related to sexual harassment and wrongful termination, there are still cases that generate debate and pit employers against employees in this country. Any Colorado managers, business owners and employees may want to follow a recent suit pertaining to wrongful termination.

The case involves a historic hotel. A female wedding director and special events manager at the hotel has filed a suit claiming she was the victim of retaliation and wrongful termination. She had gone to the owner of the hotel with a sexual harassment complaint. In her complaint, she contends a new manager at the hotel made physical contact with her and then claims inappropriate comments were also made.

The former special events manager claims she reported the incident to the owner of the company to no avail. She also contends the parties involved created a hostile work environment that led to her finally resign. The hotel owner disputes her account of the incident that she allegedly reported to him and his actions afterwards.

While many cases such as this may boil down to one person’s word against another, there may be evidence or a history of past behavior that can shed more light on what occurred. Any Colorado employer or employee involved in a wrongful termination dispute that stems from a harassment claim should know the current laws and statutes that may pertain to their case. Winning wrongful termination suit can mean awarding of damages or even reinstatement of one’s employment.

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