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Salon worker claims wrongful termination over bikini wax

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Wrongful Termination

Working in a salon often requires the mastering of certain techniques by trying them on others, such as friends and co-workers. For one esthetician, a request to practice certain services on co-workers, and then have those services practiced on her was too much for her to bear. Anyone In Colorado who works in the beauty industry may want to follow this case as the former salon worker has filed a wrongful termination suit.

The new employees at a salon were going through training on their second day. They were told to practice hair removal services on each other. A Brazilian wax was one of the services they were allegedly told to perform on co-workers and then have done to them. One worker objected and refused to take part, saying there was never a mandatory service they had to agree to have done and she did not want to do or get a Brazilian wax.

The woman who refused to do or give the Brazilian wax alleges that, after speaking up about her objections, she was fired. She is claiming wrongful termination, gender discrimination and sexual harassment. She is also seeking back pay and compensation through a civil suit.

Training can entail many different aspects of a job and refusing to participate can carry a number of consequences. However, if a Colorado worker in a salon feels uncomfortable about a service or expectation and voices those objections, they have certain rights for protection. Wrongful termination from any position can make it difficult to pursue another job in the industry or may dissuade other employees from expressing their concerns or objections to what may be asked of them.

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