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Teacher alleges age discrimination and sues school

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Whenever a person leaves a job or is let go and feels that discrimination played a role in why he or she no longer has that job, that person has legal options of which he or she may not be aware. There are also various forms of workplace discrimination that may unfold and be difficult to prove under certain conditions. Any teachers in Colorado or elsewhere who may feel that age discrimination played a role in why they may no longer have a job may want to learn more about the story of one teacher and her claims of age discrimination.

The 60-year-old English teacher is in the midst of suing the high school for which she worked. She claims that she was replaced by two younger employees. The school contends that she resigned, but she says she had no choice and was told that resigning would lead to a recommendation if she sought future employment, rather than being let go without any kind of recommendation.

Her troubles began when she showed an R-rated film as part of her classroom curriculum. One student’s parent complained about the film, and the principal said that no prior permission had been given to show the film to the students. The teacher says that other teachers have done far worse to violate the code of ethics she is accused of violating, and that there were lesser consequences handed down for those infractions.

Age discrimination can sometimes be difficult to prove, as it takes more than being replaced by a younger worker to prove that this form of discrimination has occurred. If a teacher in Colorado or elsewhere does feel age discrimination is to blame for a situation, that teacher may seek action against the school. In this case, the teacher is seeking back pay, front pay or reinstatement of her position, which are common damages sought in a case pertaining to employment discrimination.

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