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Employment discrimination cases can be complex

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Feeling as if you have been discriminated against and proving discrimination in court may be two very different things. Despite the difficulties that may surround a discrimination suit, employment discrimination is a very real thing and victims should be aware of their rights. In Colorado, there are very clear laws governing employment discrimination. 

An employee may feel disliked or treated unfairly. However, if that employee is not part of a protected class, options for justice may be very limited. If you do not belong to a protected class, it is unlikely that a discrimination suit is possible. Classes that are considered protected include race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability, among others. 

Once it has been determined that you belong to a protected class, other factors must be considered. It has to be proven that the discrimination suffered was due to your status. For example, if your employment was terminated and you are over 40, it does not necessarily mean that you were a victim of age discrimination. However, if your termination coincides with an unqualified 20 year old being hired as your replacement, then a case may be made for age discrimination.

Because employment discrimination cases can be complex and require investigation into claims and reported discriminatory behaviors, having a skilled and experienced legal advocate is highly recommended. In Colorado, a successful employment discrimination suit may result in an employee getting his or her job back or being awarded damages for lost wages. Our website has more information about employment discrimination and what the legal process may entail if a suit proves both possible and necessary.