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Television anchor settles age discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination

Some lines of work, like being a television news anchor, require a certain persona and certain abilities. However, as anchors grow older or suffer some sort of physical disability, their work may be viewed differently. For one television anchor, he claims age discrimination and the fact that he suffered a stroke led to his demotion and relief of duties. Anyone in Colorado who works in the public eye may want to follow the anchors plight.

Back in 2006, the news anchor suffered a stroke on the air. He fought to recover and had slurred speech for a period of time. As he recovered, a younger anchor took his place.

The network had said they lightened his work load and put another anchor in place to help the anchor recover. However, the anchor claimed he still worked the same amount of hours as he saw his pay get cut repeatedly and another anchor do his on-air work. He filed an age discrimination suit and sought back pay and benefits, along with damages. The network settled the case, even though it was set to go to trial in the spring.

In this case, a medical condition interfered with the anchor’s ability to do his job for the short-term. As he recovered, he wanted his old job, pay, and responsibilities back. In Colorado and elsewhere, it can be tricky to prove that an employer has lightened a workload or duties in the best interest of a worker or if it is due to age discrimination. By filing suit, an employee who believes age discrimination has played a role in a demotion or even termination may be able to win a judgment of back wages and/or have their job reinstated.

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