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“Grey’s Anatomy” crew member claims wrongful termination

On Behalf of | May 6, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

Whenever someone feels a protected group is being demeaned or discriminated against, they may launch a complaint or inquire as to how the problem will be rectified. That response typically leads to changes in the workplace. However, there are times when launching a complaint leads to what is deemed wrongful termination. Colorado entertainment workers may be interested in a case where a television show worker with the hit show “Grey’s Anatomy” has claimed a wrongful discharge.

The man worked on the hit show for more than 10 years. He claimed he witnessed discriminatory behavior by the director of photography. He contends this director verbally abused female employees. He says the director made sexist jokes and made the women’s jobs more difficult.

The worker went to human resources with the complaint and believed it would be handled and followed up confidentially. However, his contract was not renewed after he filed the complaint. He is suing and wants lost income and damages for the loss of his job.

It can be difficult to prove wrongful termination against an employer. Having written documentation or other proof of human resources complaints can help create a timeline and typically operates as important evidence in a case. It is vital for anyone who makes a complaint at work to fully understand their rights and what may come about as a result of a complaint. If someone in Colorado feels a complaint against a superior has led to their dismissal, there may be cause to pursue legal action.

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