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Southwest Airlines face pickets due to employment contract issues

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Employment Contracts

Though many Colorado residents may love their jobs, they may also face serious issues from time to time. In many cases, individuals who work under an employment contract could have difficulties when it comes to negotiating terms for such a contract after it expires. Unfortunately, if agreements are not made, many parties could suffer due to the lack of clarity on certain employment aspects.

Individuals may be interested in such a situation currently taking place with Southwest Airlines. Reports stated that flight attendants have been picketing to bring attention to their lack of contract. One employee stated that contract negotiations for flight attendants have been in the works for 38 months. She went on to state that pilots and mechanics have been working on negotiations for their own contracts for four years. 

The issues for the attendants stem from disagreements relating to scheduling and pay. Reportedly, the attendants have times when they are supposed to report for work, but they are not given end times for their shifts. They are also not given information regarding the destinations they may be in should they not return to their base city. Several pickets were held in multiple cities, including Denver. 

As this case underscores, working toward agreeable terms when it comes to contracts could drag on for years. Many Colorado residents who find themselves in such a predicament may wish to gain more information on how they may be able to work toward achieving the desired terms of their contracts. Information on how employment contract negotiations may occur and what steps could be taken to address issues may prove valuable to interested individuals.

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