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Assistant dean sues for race discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

There may be all sorts of reasons a person is dismissed from a job or is let go after a leave of absence. However, there are times when a person is dismissed as retribution for speaking out about alleged discrimination. Recently, an assistant dean of a university filed a claim of race discrimination after being dismissed following a leave of absence to deal with medical issues she said related to what she endured in the workplace. Any Colorado educator who believes discrimination may exist in their workplace may be interested in the story.

The educator who filed suit says she was given a disproportionate amount of work to complete. She also says she was required to go on a maintenance call to tag along while clogged toilets were attended to. The woman also claims she was subjected to being spoken to with a “mock-black” dialect by a university dean.

The woman sought a leave of absence from work. She cared for her mother during that time and also cared for herself medically as she has fibromyalgia, a disorder that she claims was worsened by the stress of the discrimination. She was told essentially not to come back and has since filed the suit.

Race discrimination, and other forms of workplace discrimination, can be difficult to prove by means of supporting evidence. However, in Colorado and elsewhere, it can be a serious problem and anyone affected is fully entitled to inquire about their rights and protections under the law. A race discrimination suit against an employer may help a victim get their job back and/or get back wages and other damages according to applicable law.

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