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Wage and hour claim issues can be costly in a number of ways

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2014 | Wage & Hour Law

Most everyone who works for a living does so with a certain amount of compensation in mind. There are many laws on the books that dictate just how workers can be and should be compensated for the work they do and the time they put into that work. When there are wage and hour claim disputes or discrepancies between workers and employers, there can be costly disputes. Anyone in Colorado who works may benefit from understanding how wage and hour claim laws may apply to them and their particular place of employment.

One major source of wage and hour claim disputes is when a worker is misclassified. A worker may be technically listed as a salaried employee and not get the overtime pay they are entitled to as a result. This distinction can be extremely costly in a number of ways.

When someone is classified wrongly, they may certainly lose out on overtime and other forms of monetary compensation. However, that worker may lose out in other ways as well. They may not get the bonuses they deserve or accrue the vacation time they deserve.

If someone suspects they are misclassified in the workplace, they may gain by finding out more about the distinction in employment classifications. An experienced attorney can help get to the bottom of a wage and hour claim problem and help a worker decide upon the best course of action. Our website has more information about wage and hour claim issues in Colorado workplaces and how those issues may be best resolved.

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