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Technician reaches settlement in employment discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

For the most part, employees and employers find themselves in a symbiotic relationship that does not result in any form of animosity or legal action. Yet, there are other times when employment discrimination is a factor and that relationship leads to legal intervention and possible monetary settlements. No company or industry in Colorado or elsewhere is immune from the possibility of employment discrimination, including the well-known news media organization CNN.

A man who worked as a microphone technician filed suit against the company, claiming to be the victim of discrimination and wrongful termination. The man is gay and alleges his supervisor fired him after finding out. He also alleges the supervisor used the man’s wardrobe as a means of justifying the termination.

The man also asserts that he was told to buy another outfit during a particular workday and that he would be better off working in the entertainment or the makeup department. The man filed suit and has now reached a settlement. The amount of the settlement was not reported.

Wrongful termination and the aftermath of employment discrimination can lead to financial losses, career displacement and personal struggles to overcome what occurred in the workplace. Anyone in Colorado who feels they have been the victim of this kind employment discrimination may benefit from seeking a professional review of the underlying facts and circumstances in order to assess the viability of pursuing a legal claim. There are very clear and strict legal standards in place to protect workers and ensure employment discrimination is handled appropriately and in accordance with the law.

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