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Filing reports could lead to wrongful termination in Colorado

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

Many workers undoubtedly hope that they work at upstanding facilities that carry out useful enterprises. However, there are often instances in which workers may notice some unseemly practices occurring at their places of employment. It is not unusual for employees to take it upon themselves to report questionable actions. Unfortunately, making claims could result in individuals facing wrongful termination.

Colorado residents may be interested in such a case taking place out of state. Reports indicated that the director of a cancer center was dismissed from his position after filing reports regarding how donated funds were being used. Apparently, $6 million that had been donated for research purposes were instead used for operational expenses. The man believed that this was a misuse of the funds.

Soon after voicing his concerns, the man was dismissed from his job. This action was not formally announced by the institution. The man believes that he was unjustly fired as retaliation for his claims, and he has subsequently filed a lawsuit. A spokesman for the cancer center denied the wrongful termination claims. It was not reported how long the man had been employed by the cancer center before his dismissal. 

Many individuals may feel it is their duty to report inappropriate actions while on the job. If such reports result in an employee being fired from his or her job, there may be cause for that individual to file a wrongful termination claim of his or her own. Colorado residents who have been the victims of such actions may wish to look into their legal options. Interested individuals may also want to speak with experienced attorneys in order to obtain reliable information.

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