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Mother of P. Diddy’s kids settled wrongful termination suit

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

When someone is a public figure or is well-known in the community, any kind of legal action against them may become public knowledge even if they don’t want it to. When this legal action centers on accusations of wrongful termination in Colorado, the person being sued may find it more beneficial to settle the suit rather than let it play out as a public court case. Recently, the mother of rap mogul Sean P. Diddy’s kids, 43-year-old Kim Porter, had to deal with a wrongful termination suit brought on by a nanny to her children.

The former nanny was terminated from her job. She claims she was terminated because she made complaints against what she said was constant smoke from marijuana in the house. She also claims the drug was smoked in the presence of the children and noted one incident where the kids ended up covered in a white powder from a bag they found in a car while being transported to school.

Rather than go to court, Porter agreed to settle the suit. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed and Porter denies the allegations. Another employee has also filed a wrongful termination suit against Porter, claiming she was made to work roughly 100 hours a week.

If a worker in any field in Colorado is fired because of speaking out against unfair or illegal working conditions, that worker has certain rights and protections. Wrongful termination and losing one’s job unexpectedly for any reason can be overwhelming and financially devastating. In cases where complaints led to being let go, a worker may want to find out more about what constitutes wrongful termination and what they can do about it.

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