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Colorado employees must know employment discrimination facts

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

It isn’t unusual for a worker to feel disgruntled or unappreciated from time to time. But, if a worker genuinely feels that he or she is being directly discriminated against, and his or her feelings are more than just a hunch, that worker may want to learn about legal actions pertaining to employment discrimination. It is vital for any Colorado worker concerned about employment discrimination to understand protected classes and where he or she may fall into the various categories.

While a worker may not feel liked in general, if the feelings stem from being discriminated against because of various factors, legal action may be warranted. Protected classes typically involve a person’s race, gender and age. However, discrimination can go beyond those classes.

Employment discrimination can go beyond the physical. A person may be discriminated against because of his or her religion or sexual orientation. This can be evident in how requests to have off for certain religious holidays may be viewed or handled. Whether a person is married or single can even be a source of discrimination.

Any kind of employment discrimination in a Colorado workplace is against the law. As to what can be done and what kind of resolution may be possible, that depends on the type of discrimination and also the extent to which an employee may be able to prove discrimination, based on being part of a protected class. Our firm’s website delves more deeply into what protected classes there are and what actions may be taken if an employee feels that he or she is the victim of employment discrimination.