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Severance negotiation may be tricky for Colorado companies

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Employment Contracts

A severance package and its outlining agreement can be an important bargaining tool for both employees and employers. Regardless of who draws up the agreement at a Colorado place of employment, any party entering into a severance agreement should be fully aware of the legal protections it offers and the severance negotiation options that are available. Without an awareness of severance negotiation rights, an employer or employee may be setting him or herself up for a misunderstanding that could lead to a dispute in the future.

Anyone signing an agreement related to employment and severance should be aware of what is called a waiver clause. This clause essentially means a person waives the right to have a trusted legal representative review or revise the agreement after it has been signed. This waiver also means one cannot bring forth any legal action after the document is signed.

An employer who drafts a severance agreement should also have legal support after the fact. Agreements have to be enforceable. There also have be clear steps that can be taken if an agreement is breached or violated. Without legal support, an employer may be left with a signed agreement and no real way to enforce it.

A severance agreement is a legal document of the utmost importance. This is why any kind of severance negotiation should be treated as a legal process that deserves full and trusted support and guidance. Our website can help Colorado employers and employees better understand the scope of severance agreements in general and the importance of legal support when considering signing any type of legal contract.