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Acts of retaliation could lead to wrongful termination claims

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

It is often the goal of employees to perform their duties as best as possible. Therefore, it can be a shock when individuals are punished for trying to do just that. In some cases, individuals who are working to ensure that proper protocols are followed could be negatively treated for their efforts and possibly fired. If individuals are victims of such a situation, they may have cause to file a wrongful termination claim.

Colorado residents may be interested in such a case taking place in another state. Reports indicated that a woman who had been an infection control coordinator at a medical center was terminated from her position for what she believes was retaliation. The woman had apparently been alerted to an infection of scabies in multiple patients and staff at the hospital. As a result, she suggested that the infected individuals were treated following CDC guidelines. However, those guidelines were not followed and additional people were infected. 

The woman then informed officials from the state Department of Health that the guidelines were not followed, and she also sent an email to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to inform them of the hospital’s actions. Soon after, the woman was fired from her job and asked to leave without being given two weeks’ notice. As a result, the woman has filed a claim for wrongful termination. 

Facing retaliation can be a difficult predicament to handle. Individuals lacking the right information may feel as if they do not have much choice in the matter. However, Colorado residents who have been unjustly fired from their jobs do have legal options. Gaining more knowledge on wrongful termination claims could help them determine if such action could be right for them.

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