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Labor board finds merit in charges of retaliation

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Wrongful Termination

When a corporation has expanded across the country and employs a great number of people, there are bound to be employees who are disgruntled here and there. Many times they are just isolated incidents. However, a recent investigation by the National Labor Relations Board has found some truth to the number of employer retaliation and wrongful termination claims made against a national retail chain. Any workers in Colorado who have felt they were retaliated against by their employers may want to follow the findings the board has shared about Wal-Mart.

The charges contend that Wal-Mart threatened employees if they participated in demonstrations that took place across the country. The charges indicate there were threats of wrongful termination, and there was threats of surveillance of employees who participated in the demonstrations. The company disputes the charges.

Other charges made against the store were found to be without merit. They did not change schedules to prevent participation. Also, they were found the store didn’t violate any laws by ordering them off of Wal-Mart property when they were striking. The company has been told there will be legal action taken in the cases they found to be relevant if the store does not settle the cases within a certain time frame.

When it comes to exercising the right to protest or demonstrate against an employer, the laws can be tricky. Despite the reasons for any issues with employees, it is unlawful to threaten retaliation or termination based on someone exercising their right to express discontent. Any Colorado worker may benefit from finding out about their company’s policy for complaints and also what their rights are if they feel they have been retaliated against.

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