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Major bank fined for race discrimination

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination

There are set rules and regulations in this country designed to protect individuals and groups from being discriminated against. Because of these rules and laws, most companies do everything in their power to ensure race discrimination or any kind of discrimination does not tarnish their public persona. However, many Colorado bank employees may be curious to know that a major bank has just been fined for race discrimination going back years.

The Department of Labor has just imposed a hefty fine of $2.2 million on Bank of America. The fine came about as a group of African-American employees filed suit claiming the nationally-based banking giant practiced discriminatory hiring standards. The case started with one person in 2005 and ended up involving well over 1,000 people.

Some of the discriminatory practices included inconsistent selection of employees. There were also incidents cited where African-American applicants were rejected unfairly. The settlement and fine comes on the heels of investment giant Merrill Lynch having to pay for the same kind of practices when it comes to racial discrimination.

A company fined for race discrimination may have to pay a large fine and even damages to those the discrimination directly affected. However, those discriminated against may have to find alternative jobs, deal with being passed over for promotions or other ill-effects. Any Colorado worker who believes race discrimination has played a role in preventing them from obtaining a job, advancing in position or losing a job might want to consider their rights and how best to pursue a claim against those responsible.

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