Your Disability Should Not Close Doors For You

You are not your disability. You have much more to offer, and you deserve the chance to pursue the career for which you are qualified. That means you have the right to a fair opportunity to be hired, promoted, trained, paid and treated just like everyone else.

At The Litigation Boutique LLC, we know this doesn’t always happen, and we are here to advocate for you. Our attorneys are passionate about defending the rights of Denver workers with disabilities.

What Is A Disability?

Employers with 15 or more people on staff must conform to the employment section of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act protects workers with disabilities from discrimination and provides employers with guidelines for offering fair treatment to employees with certain conditions. According to the ADA, to qualify as a disability, your condition must have one of the following characteristics:

  • Your physical or mental condition prevents you from doing important life activities such as seeing, walking or learning.
  • You have a history of a disabling illness such as cancer.
  • An employer perceives you as having a physical or mental disability, even if you do not.

A potential employer may not ask you about your disability during your interview or require a medical exam before offering you a job. However, an employer may inquire how you would perform the tasks associated with the job and what accommodations may be appropriate.

Reasonable Accommodations Are The Law

The ADA gives you the right to request any accommodations your employer can reasonably make to allow you to do your job. This may mean a change in the process of the job, the work environment or the way you are required to perform your duties. If your employer refuses to make accommodations for you, our law firm will give you the personal attention you need to protect your rights.

How Can We help?

Our lawyers at The Litigation Boutique LLC are ready to assist you. Whether you are facing workplace discrimination because of your disability or you are an employer seeking information about making appropriate accommodations for a disabled worker, we can answer your questions and advise you on the best course of action. You can contact us online, or call our Colorado offices at 303.578.2833 to schedule your initial consultation.