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Wage and hour claim disputes can be complicated in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Wage & Hour Law

When employees are not treated fairly or feel they are not being paid as they should, a wage and hour claim against an employer may be the best form of legal recourse for those employees. Colorado employees may be unaware that a wage and hour claim can include issues that go beyond the bottom line of a paycheck. Once an employee understands the various forms of wage and hour mistreatment or what kind of treatment may be illegal, that employee can move towards taking action to rectify the situation.

Aside from not getting paid an agreed upon amount, a wage and hour claim can be made if an employee is misclassified. An employee may be listed as salaried rather than hourly. This can impact owed or expected overtime pay, which can amount to a significant amount in certain fields.

Lost compensation can be part of a wage and hour claim against an employer. One form of lost compensation can be the loss of owed commission. Benefits, such as vacation time and bonuses, can be withheld or not properly distributed, also necessitating a wage and hour claim dispute.

Employer and employee relationships can be difficult to navigate and can truly impact a person’s ability to do his or her job. Colorado employees may benefit from understanding wage and hour claim laws and what rights they may have to pursue a fair resolution if they feel they have not been compensated fairly. Not speaking up or not taking legal action can cost a Colorado employee a significant amount of money, vacation time and bonuses over an extended period of time, meaning quick action may be the best option once a problem is detected.