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Wage and hour claim can lead to justice for employees

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2015 | Wage & Hour Law

Getting paid what you are promised is not just good business, it is the law. When an employer is not living up to his or her end of an employment contract by not paying an employee as agreed, that employee may have to consider filing a wage and hour claim to ensure fairness and legal compliance. Colorado employees may also want to be aware that a wage and hour claim can be used to rectify more than just discrepancies and the oversight of the bottom line of a pay check.

Misclassification of job status may warrant legal action. This can be a situation in which an employee is classified as salaried when that employee should be classified as hourly. If misclassification occurs, an employee may find him or herself deprived of earned overtime pay and other benefits. These other benefits may include vacation time and bonuses.

Work conditions may also lead to a wage and hour claim against an employer. There are situations in which an employer provides unsafe or unsustainable working conditions and will not effectively rectify the situation without legal pressure to do so. An employee might also have to contend with extra hours that are not compensated as they should be. Often employees are unsure of which measures to take to pursue the unpaid money they have earned.

While most employee and employer relationships are clearly outlined and any disputes are handled between the two parties, a wage and hour claim in civil court may be necessary to resolve a conflict. Any Colorado employee who feels he or she has been a victim of any of the above circumstances and who is unsure of which measures to take should be aware of the legal options. Our website has more information about wage and hour claims and options for those who need assistance.