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Doctor files race discrimination suit against hospital

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

While a doctor in another state cites the low number of black men who go to medical school and become doctors as a problem, he also cites race discrimination as a problem in the hospital where he works as a black doctor. While Colorado hospitals may be by and large diverse and free from discrimination, this doctor’s situation and experiences may also be shared by some other area black doctors. This doctor in particular is suing his hospital for race discrimination.

The doctor alleges the hospital essentially denied him the proper work space to practice and see patients. He believes this compromised and sabotaged his ability to practice medicine in the hospital. He says he was shuffled around the hospital and his patients were not prioritized on call-back lists. Some patients were also wrongfully told he did not work at that hospital anymore.

He is seeking damages from the hospital although the amount is not specified. He believes he could be making a significant amount more as a salary and with bonuses if not for the actions of the hospital. He states his salary and potential bonuses ride on the number of patients he sees and how complex the cases may be. The hospital has not responded to his suit.

Race discrimination can be complicated to prove. However, it is a very real problem in many professional fields in Colorado, including medicine. Anyone subject to race discrimination may find a successful lawsuit can help that party obtain back wages, bonuses that were denied, or reinstatement of a position if the person desires to be reinstated.

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