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Nightclub ordered to pay up in race discrimination case

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

Unfortunately, when someone is hired to do a job, that person sometimes faces discrimination from higher-ups or business owners. When race discrimination happens in a Colorado workplace, the victim of such practices or behaviors can seek damages under certain circumstances. One recent incident of race discrimination is making news as the corporate owners of a nightclub have been ordered to pay up after defaulting with regard to a race discrimination complaint filed in a federal district court.

The complaint relates to an African American bartender at a nightclub. The bartender was fired after the owner allegedly expressed not wanting an African American bartender in the establishment. The manager of the establishment who hired the woman refused to participate in any discriminatory conduct and was then suspended and later fired.

The owner and the parent company did not respond to the federal complaint filed, resulting in the entry of a default judgment against them. A judgment of $365,000 was ordered. It was set as monetary compensation for punitive damages, back pay and compensatory damages. The parent company of the nightclub was also cited as being liable for the discriminatory conduct.

Clearly, race discrimination in employment is illegal; additionally, retaliation in the form of termination for not participating in that discriminatory behavior is also contrary to law. Understandably, race discrimination may be difficult to prove in some cases. Witnesses, written documentation and other evidence of racial discrimination on the job in Colorado may go a long ways toward establishing a claim for payment of monetary damages occasioned by the wrongful conduct alleged.

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