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Employer retaliation can get confusing for Colorado workers

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

Feeling as if you have been singled out by your employer can be an awful situation to be in. However, you may feel that you cannot take legal action against what you perceive as employer retaliation. When Colorado employees have a firm grasp of exactly what constitutes employer retaliation, they may feel better prepared to decide if a situation in the workplace warrants legal action or protection.

Retaliation can be a tricky issue for employees to define or recognize. There are very specific criteria to be met with regard to retaliation beyond having an employer act in a negative manner towards you. The action deemed retaliatory must affect your financial outlook or result in termination. The negative action can specifically be related to a demotion, negative reviews or being transferred.

Aside from proving a negative impact, it must also be shown that you were participating in a protected activity that led to the retaliatory action. An example may be if you refused to participate in discriminatory action and then complained about that action to someone who has the power to take adverse action against you.  Because it can be murky for some, having a legal representative review the specifics of the situation can best outline whether or not an employer’s action against you is legally defined as retaliation.

Once a Colorado employee believes he or she has been the victim of employer retaliation, there are legal steps that may help correct how that employee has been wronged. These steps can also provide compensatory measures that can help that employee move forward. No employee should accept the negative consequences of employer retaliation without a firm grasp of his or her legal rights and options. Our website has more specific information on what actions may fall within the legal definition of employer retaliation and what action may be taken to rectify the situation.