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Wage and hour claim disputes may need legal intervention

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2015 | Wage & Hour Law

Miscommunication and misinformation can have negative effects on the employee and employer relationship in any industry. When those miscommunications, misinformation or unfair practices affect the bottom line or other earned benefits, a wage and hour claim may be in order. The reasons for a wage and hour claim suit can vary, but the harmful effects can be common across many industries and companies in Colorado.

Unfair wage and hour disputes can arise if misclassification in a problem. This may mean an employee is classified as salaried instead of hourly. This can cost an employee money, quite frankly, in the form of overtime pay and other earned benefits that the employee is legally entitled to receive.

A wage and hour claim may need to be made when other losses are suffered aside from the bottom line of a pay check. Some of those losses can include lost bonuses and commissions that are not paid as those commissions should be. Vacation time losses can also be a reason for wage and hour disputes.

There are very clear workplace laws and policies across the board in Colorado. If an employee or employer feels these policies have not been observed by the other party and the dispute is not able to be resolved in the confines of the workplace, outside help may be needed. Our law firm has information on our website that may help clarify exactly what a wage and hour claim may entail and why a resolution is vital for all parties involved.