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We can help negotiate your severance agreement

No employee in the Denver area wants to get the dreaded call in to the boss's office or up to human resources for an unspecified conversation or, worse, a conversation about their future at the company. These sorts of conversations usually end with the employee's getting terminated, either for cause or otherwise.

Fighting a non-compete agreement in Colorado

Many employees in the Denver area will inevitably get to know a lot about their employer's business in connection with their jobs. This is particularly true when an employee has a job that involves the handling of sensitive information, is in a position of leadership or, in some cases, is just someone who has been with the same employer for a long time.

Woman wins Colorado retaliation suit

A Colorado woman and former mortgage consultant won a lawsuit against her former employer and was awarded over $35,000 as a result. Three of the woman's former colleagues were not so fortunate, as the jury hearing the case found in favor of the employer with respect to those three people.

University of Denver to pay $2.7M in unequal-pay lawsuit

In a big settlement for the gender-pay gap, the University of Denver will pay $2.7 million after an unequal-pay lawsuit was brought by female professors. This is a huge victory for those fighting for equal pay and shows that change for women is coming. The employment law case was originally brought by one female professor in 2013. However, the case built momentum when she joined forces with other female professors who believed they were also underpaid.

Understanding your separation agreement

There are many reasons for a separation agreement (sometimes called a severance agreement). Separation agreements are a contract that is drafted when a company gets rid of a position - whether through reorganization, downsizing or other reasons. For those on the receiving end, it's a stressful and often painful discussion that ends with a packet of material to read and sign.

School gets hit with a number of wrongful termination suits

Those who work in education in Colorado may be interested in a number of employment law claims made with respect to public school employees in another state. The wrongful termination cases were recently settled. In excess of $400,000 must now be paid with regard to three separate employment law cases.

Police chief seeks compensation in wrongful termination suit

There are some jobs and positions where someone's public reputation or persona can factor into how they are perceived professionally. While some may assume this is primarily true for public figures, such as politicians, it can also be true of police chiefs. Any Colorado public official may want to follow the case of a police chief who has filed a wrongful termination suit and also contends the town officials are guilty of defamation.

Catholic school teacher fired after getting pregnant wins lawsuit

Federal employment laws that religious institutions in Denver must follow often try to balance the rights of employees not to be discriminated against or wrongfully terminated against the employers' right to practice its religion. In a recent wrongful termination case in another state, the court interpreted the law to say that a Catholic archdiocese did not have the right to fire a teacher because she got pregnant outside of marriage.

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