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Internet giant, Google, sued for age discrimination

Google is once again making news for a legal situation as the company faces allegations of discrimination. The Internet giant is being sued in federal court by a man who claims the company practices age discrimination. Any tech worker in Colorado or those interested in breaking into the tech field may want to learn more about the allegations the company currently faces.

Waiter sues restaurant for alleged age discrimination

Certain establishments are as well known for the service they provide as the products they make or serve. This can be particularly true of the restaurant industry in Colorado and elsewhere. One restaurant is now being sued for age discrimination as one well-known waiter has been let go and feels that his age is the primary reason for his dismissal, despite the fact that he was a much-requested server who was considered by many to be a staple at the establishment.

General Mills faces allegations of age discrimination

There are many reasons why a company needs to lay off workers or restructure its workforce. However, if employees are laid off based solely on their ages, the company may very well be guilty of age discrimination. Any Colorado employee who believes age discrimination played a role in why he or she was terminated may want to understand his or her rights and what to expect if he or she pursues legal action.

Employment discrimination can be more complicated than expected

When an employee feels unfairly treated or discriminated against in some way, he or she may have that gut feeling as to why he or she is being treated unfairly or differently compared to other employees. However, simply having a feeling of being the victim of employment discrimination isn't enough to take legal action. In order to pursue a case of employment discrimination against a Colorado employer, you must be part of a legally protected class.

Employment discrimination cases can be complex

Feeling as if you have been discriminated against and proving discrimination in court may be two very different things. Despite the difficulties that may surround a discrimination suit, employment discrimination is a very real thing and victims should be aware of their rights. In Colorado, there are very clear laws governing employment discrimination. 

Teacher alleges age discrimination and sues school

Whenever a person leaves a job or is let go and feels that discrimination played a role in why he or she no longer has that job, that person has legal options of which he or she may not be aware. There are also various forms of workplace discrimination that may unfold and be difficult to prove under certain conditions. Any teachers in Colorado or elsewhere who may feel that age discrimination played a role in why they may no longer have a job may want to learn more about the story of one teacher and her claims of age discrimination.

Teacher alleges age discrimination after being moved

Teaching can be a difficult career choice, as school administrations and job responsibilities change over time. When special education is involved, the changing field can make the environment particularly challenging. For one teacher, being moved to another school has prompted an age discrimination suit and a claim of disability discrimination. Any Colorado educator who feels discriminated against may be interested in this case.

What is age discrimination in the workplace?

There are many types of discrimination in the workplace, but fortunately, there are also laws protecting workers from being the victim of certain forms of discrimination. One type of discrimination that is against the law is age discrimination. However, it can be helpful for older Colorado employees to understand that being fired or let go while one is a certain age does not necessarily mean that the employee has been the victim of age discrimination. There are very clear criteria that must be met to prove age discrimination.

Age discrimination a concern for many middle aged or older

Today's Colorado work force is typically comprised of individuals who are just beginning their careers and those who have experience with several companies. These days, it is not all that common for an individual to remain with one company for the majority of his or her career. An individual in another state did remain with one company, Walt Disney Studios, for 26 years and has now filed a claim for age discrimination.

Man wins race discrimination lawsuit against company

Diverse work environments are everywhere. Because there are those out there who do work well or behave well in diverse environments, there are very detailed and specific laws regarding discrimination, namely race discrimination, age discrimination and gender discrimination among others. If someone in Colorado suffers discrimination from someone who does not abide by the laws pertaining to discrimination, legal action may help.

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