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What are common FMLA topics?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Employment Law

The federal and state governments want to ensure that your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA protect you. While there are many aspects of the text, some instances arise more often than others.

Exercising the rights afforded under FMLA may help to understand some of the basics behind what is and is not a relevant issue.

What does FMLA do?

The purpose of FMLA is to allow you to take a temporary but prolonged absence from your job under certain medical circumstances. During this time, your employer should keep your position or a similar one open for you to return to. This does not mean your position remains vacant, but the employer should have something similar for you to return to.

Under FMLA, eligible Colorado workers who work for covered companies may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave under federal law in one year. The state tacks on an additional week of eligibility. You do not have to take the time all at once, and you may take it by the hour if necessary.

What are common topics that FMLA covers?

FMLA covers a range of topics that may qualify for its protection. The birth of a child or the adoption of a child is a top reason employees exercise their rights for medical leave, especially in the case of a father. Other covered medical events include:

  • A serious illness experienced by the employee, the employee’s spouse, children or parents
  • Deployment of an active-duty military member
  • The care of an injured military veteran (spouse, parent or child)

There are steps you need to take should you decide to exercise your rights under FMLA. There are several ways you can get help in the event you need it.