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College athletic coach files wrongful termination suit

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

Most colleges and work places have procedures in place to bring concerns or accusations against other employees. When someone violates these procedures, or there is a lack of clarity when reporting something, it can lead to bigger problems. Recently, a college athletic coach was let go after an incident, and he has now filed a wrongful termination suit against the university. Any Colorado college or university worker may be interested in the story of the fencing coach.

The fencing coach worked at the university for 31 years. The incident that led to his termination started as a secretary saw what she believed to be a marijuana joint fall from a fencing athlete and onto the floor. The secretary reported the incident through an anonymous hotline. An investigation later determined the item to be a rolled up piece of athletic tape, and the athlete in question tested negative for drugs.

Once the incident was cleared up, the fencing coach approached the secretary about why she went to report the incident rather than tell him first. He contends this was the proper procedure put in place after the Jerry Sandusky criminal case. However, Penn State University viewed it as a retaliation move after she reported the incident. He was then terminated.

A wrongful termination suit in Colorado or anywhere else can be difficult to prove. One outcome of a successful wrongful termination suit can be restitution for back wages, as well as future wages that may be lost. In this case, the coach is seeking to be reinstated to his position as coach. The case is still pending.

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