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Gender discrimination impacts 42% of working women

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Discrimination, Retaliation

The #MeToo movement may have helped improve working conditions for some women in business across Colorado and the rest of the nation. Yet, research shows that a significant percentage of today’s working women have experienced discrimination at work because of their gender. Discrimination against women in the workplace takes on many different forms, all of which have the potential to create a toxic work environment and related hardships.

Per the Pew Research Center, 42% of working women report having faced some type of workplace discrimination relating to their gender during their careers. Yet, only 22% of working men say the same. Many women who experience gender-related discrimination see it manifest in the following ways.

Through unequal pay

About a quarter of all working women across the United States say they have earned less money than a male counterpart who performed the same tasks and job duties. In contrast, only one in 20 working men said they earned less money than a female colleague.

Through unequal treatment

Almost 25% of working women in America say they have received unfavorable treatment in the workplace because they are female. Women are also three times as likely as their male colleagues to say others subjected them to small slights relating to their gender.

Through sexual harassment

Working women are three times as likely as working men to experience gender discrimination at work in the form of sexual harassment.

There are laws in place that prohibit most employers from discriminating against workers due to their gender. Employers that do so may face serious legal sanctions.