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What is a legal injunction?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Employment Contracts

In your employment court case, the judge may at some point issue an injunction. This may or may not benefit you.

It is essential to understand what an injunction is and how it relates to your situation in the lawsuit.


Cornell Law School defines an injunction as a court order that stops someone from doing something. There are three types that can either stop something permanently or temporarily. The last type of injunction that goes into place prior to a court decision.


In your court case, you may seek to get an injunction to stop an employer from ending your benefits until your case makes it to court. You would seek a preliminary injunction for that situation.

Your employer may request an injunction during your trial to ask the court to prevent you from taking a job with a competitor for the time being. This would be a temporary injunction.

You may request the court stop your employer from harassing you due to the issue at hand. This would be a permanent injunction.

The point of an injunction is to stop one person from causing harm to another. They are helpful in court cases where one party believes the actions of another are hurting them in some way. The court only considers the facts surrounding the injunction request and not the facts of the case when determining whether to grant the injunction. The ability to grant one is completely in the hands of the judge. Once granted, an injunction is a court order, and anyone violating it will face a contempt of court charge.