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How to determine if it’s a wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Wrongful Termination

One of the most stressful situations in life can be losing a job, especially when the reason may be unknown or unlawful. Although most terminations are legal, there are instances where employers have illegally fired an employee. Whatever the case may be, if a Colorado employee feels that he or she has fallen victim to a wrongful termination, it is wise to review the state’s employment laws before proceeding with any legal action.

Landing a job can be extremely hard, but losing that job unexpectedly is even harder, especially when the termination is unlawful. Employees may find themselves wondering what they did wrong or even if they said something wrong. Knowing what justifies as being unfair or illegal may help an employee determine if he or she can successfully sue an ex-employer.

One possible illegal termination could involve an employee contract that requires a cause for termination — whereas the “cause” may be defined by willful misconduct, low performing job duties or disclosing private matters. It is also illegal to terminate employees for discussing workplace or labor issues with their colleagues about ways to improve wages or current working conditions. Some employers may also illegally fire an employee based on retaliation, discrimination or medical history.

Colorado residents who have recently been fired, and believe the reason may have been unlawful, may have a right to file a wrongful termination claim against a former employer. With the help of legal counsel, negotiations may be made to help acquire an appropriate severance package or other compensation for individuals. Such compensation may include items such as severance pay, damages or unemployment benefits.

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