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Wage and hour claim filed against popular restaurant

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Wage & Hour Law

A popular restaurant in another state is being sued by current and former employees in a wage dispute. Unfortunately, what has happened to them is fairly common in the restaurant industry. A wage and hour claim can be filed by Colorado residents who have or are experiencing similar issues.

It was recently reported that a group of nine employees, both current and former, of Mission Beach Cafe have sued the business for unpaid wages and other labor violations. Each of the plaintiffs claim that pay checks were frequently issued late and that proper compensation for worked hours was not provided. One of the employees even claims that wages he should have been paid in one month were not given him until two months later.

This lawsuit was only just recently filed near the end of March. The owner of Mission Beach Cafe has yet to comment on the situation. At this time, it is unclear as to whether this case will go to court or if it will be settled through negotiations.

It is reasonable to say that most employees expect their pay to be provided accurately and in a certain time frame. For example, numerous companies offer paydays every two weeks. When business owners fail to deliver on their promises of compensation for time worked and providing that compensation within a reasonable time frame, employees have every right to pursue legal actions. An employment law attorney can assist in filing a wage and hour claim in a Colorado civil court in order for one to seek relief for any damages sustained.

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