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Turner Broadcasting, CNN named in race discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Many Colorado residents may think that working for a well-known company is a great accomplishment. While this notion may be true in some cases, even employees at big companies could face mistreatment. It was recently reported that two men in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner due to race discrimination.

One of the African-American men is a former employee of CNN and the second man continues to work at TBS, a branch company of Turner Broadcasting. The two men believe that they and other minority employees with the companies have been discriminated against when it comes to pay and the ability to move into higher positions. This is also not the first case of this kind filed against these companies.

This current lawsuit reportedly utilized data from Turner Broadcasting itself. The data apparently shows a considerable gap in salary amounts between minorities and Caucasian workers. Additionally, the data indicated that African-American workers had not been promoted to the highest level positions. The companies involved in the lawsuit did not provide comment on the pending litigation.

In order to address such unjust actions, individuals who have faced race discrimination in the workplace may wish to consider their legal options. Pursuing a lawsuit against the companies or other entities involved may allow negatively affected individuals to seek justice. Colorado residents who believe that they would like more information on their options may wish to speak with experienced attorneys who could assess specific details and help determine possible courses of action.

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