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Colorado workers may want help dealing with wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

It is unlikely that anyone wants to learn that they have been fired from their job. It can be an even more disheartening situation when the job loss comes about due to retaliation or other unjust actions. Wrongful termination may cause considerable financial hardships for Colorado workers who have been unnecessarily dismissed from their jobs, but it could also wreak other havoc in those individuals’ lives.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state believes she was the victim of being wrongfully dismissed. Reports stated that she was a nurse practitioner, and she filed a report regarding unsafe conditions in the emergency room of the medical center where she apparently worked. It was unclear what specific conditions may have sparked her concern, but after filing the report, she was fired from her position.

In addition to suspecting retaliation, the woman also claims that the medical center breached her employment contract by dismissing her. As a result of the situation, she has suffered emotionally and financially due to the embarrassment surrounding the incident as well as her lost wages due to unemployment. She has filed a lawsuit against multiple defendants associated with her case. 

The negative effects of wrongful termination can span over several different aspects of a person’s life. As an outcome, that individual could be placed in a difficult spot when it comes to making ends meet as well as figuring out how to address the unjust dismissal. Luckily, Colorado residents who believe they were wrongfully fired from their jobs may be able to seek assistance from experienced legal professionals.

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