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Business contracts could play role in Colorado civil claims

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2016 | Employment Disputes

Entering into a business relationship can sometimes be a complicated endeavor. Contracts are often utilized in order to make the terms of the relationship more clear, but issues could still arise. Colorado residents may be interested in a situation currently taking place in their state in which a woman who entered into a contract with the owner of a wedding venue has filed a legal claim.

Reports stated that the bride-to-be had already made nearly $10,000 in payments to the owner of the venue when she found out the the location was going to close down. The owner had planned additions to the property, but when they became too costly, she decided to sell the property instead. As a result of the closure, the bride canceled her reservation and hoped to receive a refund.

The owner had reportedly told the woman that her refund was a top priority but then later stated that a refund would not be issued due to the terms of the contract between the owner and the bride. Details pertaining to the business contract were not given in the report. Due to not having any indication as to whether she would truly receive a refund, the woman opted to file a civil claim. The owner of the venue stated this was an unfortunate situation as they were continuing to fill contracts for other brides.

The contract involved in this case may play a significant role in the outcome of the claim. If Colorado residents believe that they are in situations in which business contracts have been breached or related issues have caused complications to their business relationships, they may wish to consider their legal options. Discussing their specific cases with experienced attorneys may prove useful.

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