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Race discrimination could have damaging effects in Colorado

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Being discriminated against can have serious effects on a person’s life. He or she may miss out on opportunities or otherwise be unfairly treated simply because of the color of their skin, gender or other factor protected by law. Race discrimination continues to be a prevalent issue in certain employment situations, and Colorado residents may be interested in a case in another state dealing with such an incident.

It was recently reported that a woman is claiming discrimination after she was removed from her position as principal at a public school. Apparently, the woman was removed and sent to another school after a group of parents were purportedly dissatisfied with her performance. However, the principal believes that the issue had more to do with her race than her performance. 

Reports indicated that the woman was swiftly removed from her position while a white headmaster at another school was allowed to continue in that position, though there were accusations of that individual mishandling racism. The woman has filed a complaint over her concerns and apparently obtained legal counsel. The school system did not offer comment on the situation. 

As this case shows, race discrimination can have considerably negative effects, including causing an individual to lose his or her job. If Colorado residents believe that they faced such unfairness and mistreatment at their place of employment, they may wish to consider filing a claim of their own. Taking action against discrimination could allow them to gain compensation for damages resulting from the situation. Consulting with an employment law attorney may help interested parties determine how they may be able to move forward.

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